Antonio Conte works with the Don Gnocchi Foundation to support the "movimenti di vita" charity project

For over sixty years the mission of the Don Gnocchi Foundation has been to promote and create a “new culture” of attention to people’s needs through assistance, care, rehabilitation, research and training, prioritising those in greatest need, also thanks to innovative and experimental solutions. The Don Gnocchi Foundation works to ensure that every person with a disability may see their "movimenti di vita" (life movements) actually happen.

In order to continue doing this, it needs everybody to take part and get involved. This is what led to the "Movimenti di vita" campaign, which invites people to take part with their movement and dedicate part of themselves to others, in the awareness that an apparently unimportant, simple, everyday gesture can relieve the suffering of the less fortunate and make us all feel part of the same great movement: life.

The Movimenti di Vita charity project is a gift we make to those in need.
It is the result of sharing a passion and it turns into hugs for those who need help, into caresses for those who need affection, into words for those who need somebody to listen, into research and study for those waiting for answers.

Everyone, in their own way, can get involved in this charity – this leads to the importance of the efforts of a famous name like Antonio Conte, closely linked to the theme of movement, who can use his job and passions to help trigger positive action and involvement in this direction and for this campaign.

The biggest misunderstanding of our time is to see our actions, our gestures as being an end to themselves. This prevents us from having a wider vision of what we are. In actual fact, each and every one of us has great power because all of our actions release energy, fuelling another and immediately involving those around us.

Fondazione Don Carlo Gnocchi Onlus

Thanks to a "distinctive" model that aims for global care of the patient by the social and health services, today the Don Gnocchi Foundation offers welcome, care and assistance in 28 Centres, operative in nine Italian regions, with almost 3,700 beds and over five thousand operators:

  • handicapped kids with complex acquired and congenital pathologies;
  • patients of any age requiring rehabilitation for neuromotor, oncology, cardiology and respiratory pathologies;
  • people suffering the consequences of a trauma, heart attack, multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's or other disabling pathologies;
  • Alzheimer o altre patologie invalidanti;
  • non-self-sufficient elderly people, terminal cancer patients, those with severe brain damage or in persistent vegetative states.


The Foundation also promotes scientific research and training on various levels.
Recognised as an non-governmental organisation (NGO), it also contributes to charity projects in developing countries, with five projects currently ongoing in Bosnia Herzegovina, Ecuador, Bolivia, Rwanda and Burundi.


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Make funds payable to Fondazione Don Carlo Gnocchi ONLUS Banca PROSSIMA (Gruppo Intesa Sanpaolo)
IBAN code: IT60E033590160010000000684

No. 737205 in the name of Fondazione Don Carlo Gnocchi Onlus Piazzale Morandi, 6 - 20121 Milano